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Every current single stage or multi-stage bike race in South Africa, and in the world, is either a road race or a mountain bike race.Since the introduction of Mountain Biking, there has been little innovation in the industry.

Many events are losing attraction because they are merely repeats of the current formats as we know it and present nothing new - especially the smaller events, which are now taking place every weekend in virtually every province in the country. The cycling event industry is poised and ready for innovation. The national cyclist / race participant is ripe for change. They are waiting for the next new challenge and experience.

Our thesis and race format was inspired by observing current and up-and-coming South African champions of both disciplines in the women's and men's categories, especially those who are competing on the international stage. The question that begs an answer is, who is best at both disciplines? The same question is very relevant and on the mind of a lot of “Club” riders – let me test myself against my peers. Am I a complete, all-round cyclist?

This is what sets the scene for the asking of the key question, and providing the opportunity to see who is the best of both disciplines. If they match up in a dual challenge, who is the champion of champions? In addition to all of the above there is the ever present, ever playful continuous rivalry between “roadies” and the “mountain bike” riders as to who is stronger and faster.

Also remember that most “club” and casual riders that have a Pedal Power Association seeding, own both Mountain and Road bikes and in fact enter both types of races during a calendar year. We have interviewed a number of cyclists since the beginning of the planning and asked the question, would they enter a race that offered both mountain and road? We received a resounding “yes” from everyone! In fact, many have asked, why has this not been done before? This concept must be viewed against the current “landscape” and competition arena in South African cycling.

The sport of cycling has erupted and exponentially exploded in South Africa over the past ten years. It is estimated that there are now approximately one million cyclists in South Africa and more than 50% of them are more than just casual cyclists and approximately one hundred thousand will participate in some event over a three year cycle. For those who are serious cyclists, the challenge of entering a well know multi-day event is becoming more scarce due to the sheer demand and number of entrants. The opportunity for doing something different is now absolutely opportune to start an event that can grow to challenge the status of other popular national events.

  • CEO of Skills Resource Group, founder of Ground Level Ministries & Ground Level Projects and Chairman of WRFM Radio.
    Peter Diesel-Reynolds
  • A Founder Trustee of the Cycle Tour Trust, retired from Corporate Banking, PPA Committee member from 1995-2000 and Team Manager: Team ABSA (2006 – 2014) & Team Meerendal (2016) at the Absa Cape Epic    
    Ernst Viljoen
  • Owner of WhizPro Educational Study Tools for Learners, Business Manager for Integer Consulting, Marketing & Media Specialist, Sponsor/Organizer of the Huisgenoot/You Drum/ National Ladies Cycling Series (2004-2006) and provided Logistical support for Team Absa for the ABSA Cape Epic.
    Pieter Joubert